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Clarity Builds Success

The emotion driving action – inspiration, focus and accountability all on one-page.

“When the intention is clear, the mechanism will appear.” 

Intention + Mechanism = Results                 Brian Klemmer

What We DO

The 1pageplan is a collection of electronic tools you use on any smartphone or any web browser, to clarify the emotions that drive your outcomes. To move from head to heart-based goals or intentions to prioritise life balance, driven by the actions that feel exciting. To move external opinion and logic which maybe trying to force things to feeling in flow.

Three Different 1pageplan Solutions

Personal & Sports Performance

Executive, Sports mental Skills or Life Coaching tools for greater life, leadership and Sports or business success and ‘flow’.

Team Performance

Team tools for inspired more aligned high-performance output, collaboration and accountability called the 1pageteam.

Sales Performance

Sales team tools to inspire more activity, focus and motivation, built on self-accountability through shared goals and team results.


Driven To Make High-Performance Easy

Our purpose is to make life, sport and business easy, using the 1PagePlan tools to help tap into the high-performance state of relaxed focus and ‘flow’. A proven method of accountability and focus, awakening the emotions driving action, to more efficiently achieve our goals. Built on growing the self-belief and inner-trust to more quickly achieve the desired results.

About Us

1PagePlan History

Originally the 1pageplan web-based motivation tools were created in 2003, then known as a Motivation Map by Rob Robertson as a method of goal setting and accountability for his clients. Over time as these tools have evolved, the 1pageplan brand has become a better reflection of the power of following the heart to make success in life, sport and/or business easier and more predictable.

Contact Us

Talks to a 1PageCoach today about getting assistance to help you reach your desired intentions and goals.

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801/85 Beach Road, Auckland Central, 1010, New Zealand